The Team

The Team

Organizational Structure

The organization is comprised of the Advisory Committee, Steering committee, Mentors, and Members.

The Steering Committee made up of at least four members who are responsible for the functioning of the hub.

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee reports to the Advisory Committee which plays an oversight role for the hub. The Advisory Committee with an interest in mentorship will serve as Mentors as well as Guest Speakers when presenting topics and research work to the hub. The Hub will coordinate with the Steering committee in running present bioinformatics projects.

Michael Landi

David Kiragu

Pauline Karega

Margaret M. Wanjiru

Festus Nyasimi


The Members are made up of Master’s students in Bioinformatics and related fields and aspiring bioinformaticians.

Festus Nyasimi

Festus Nyasimi is a Bioinformatian based at ICIPE. His research interests are in the field of epidemiology, virology, regulatory genomics and bioinformatics. He is actively engaged in training and community outreach events and he is the lead at the Bioinformatics Hub of Kenya Initiative, a platform that fosters networking, training, and collaborations between bioinformatics researchers and students within the region. He is also an Open Life Science (OLS) mentor and a Carpentries Instructor.

David Mwaura

David Kiragu Mwaura is a Master’s Student in Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) (Awaiting graduation), Kenya under a full Scholarship from Patricia Williams Mwangaza Foundation Inc, Durham. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and Microbiology from the University of Nairobi (UoN). David’s professional experience is in genomics with a special interest in the One Health approach using bioinformatics in solving scientific gaps. He is involved in a project titled ‘Development of the noninvasive genotyping protocol in a field setting for wild animal monitoring and disease surveillance using Oxford Nanopore Technology’.He is affiliated to the Institute of Primate Research, a graduate to the first cohort of Open Life Science, a member of the African International Biotechnology and Biomedical Conference (AIBBC), and finally a member of the confounding steering committee of Bioinformatics Hub of Kenya Initiative – BHKi (Treasurer).

Michael Landi

Michael Kofia Landi is an EANBiT scholar pursuing an MSc in Bioinformatics. He is a graduate of Pwani University holding a BSc. Biochemistry. He undertook his research project at the BecA-ILRI hub aimed at discovering novel germline alleles in African bovine breeds. He is a co-founder of the Bioinformatics hub of Kenya, an initiative that promotes training, networking, and collaboration. He is an Open Life Science (OLS), the graduate. He has developed a keen interest in immune-informatics through his master project and developing workflow management systems to enhance reproducible and scalable data analysis.

Margaret Wanjiku is an EANBiT master’s fellow with a keen interest in big data analysis, omics and bioinformatics.”

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