Welcome to our events page. Find links to our previous events and our events calendar for the next few months.

Science cafe

The science cafe is an activity we do biweekly where we have our members get to present their work. The aim is promote collaboration and open science among our members and the bioinformatics community at large. Check out all our presentations so far. You can also send us an email or fill in this form to be added to a presenter list.

Science cafe #2 with Eneza Mjema


We invite speakers in bioinformatics, and other science fields to talk on different topics arising in the world of science. Our latest talk was by Peter Van Heusden on Contributions of Bioinformatics to COVID-19 research in Africa. Check it out.


We hold workshops throughout the year on different topics that improve the skills of our members, such as coding, science presentations, scientific writing and more. Check out and follow our R workshop done in partnership with the carpentries. Look out for more workshops alerts in the portal page.

R Workshop Day 1
R Workshop Day 2

BHKi Events Calendar

Watch out for our events calendar to stay up to date with all our events

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