Code Of Conduct

Code Of Conduct

All members of BHKi are expected to treat each other with respect and courtesy. All interactions in meet-ups, training and workshops should be professional regardless of platform; either in person or online or in outreach events and retreats organized by the hub.

To exercise a positive and professional environment we advise our members to practice the following behaviours;

Expected Behaviour (Dos)

  • Be respectful amongst members at all levels of membership.
  • Respect different opinions and gracefully accept constructive feedback 
  • When handling research projects given by the hub, always leave room for improvement and invite positive criticism   
  • In meetings, members are expected to use welcoming language and encourage interactions among peers.
  • Focus on the main goals of the hub.
  • Contact the steering committee immediately to report any situation that causes you or other members any kind of discomfort in our community. There is an option of reporting anonymously and the steering committee will keep all reports confidential to prevent retaliation.

Unaccepted Behavior (Don’ts)

  • Verbal or written comments that exclude people on the basis of membership to this community or a specific group.
  • Causing members discomfort or fear for their safety, especially through stalking, intimidation, harassment or bullying.
  • Using harsh or sexual language, racist or inappropriate jokes.
  • Sexual or violent display of images or any media content in any community forums.

To avoid any situation that breaches our Code of Conduct, we advise our members to not post anything that doesn’t pertain to the hub on our online platform (Slack) or community forum without any approval from the community organisers.

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Members who indulge in unacceptable behaviour will be summoned personally by a member of the steering committee and will be asked to stop immediately. In case of an event (training, meet-up or workshop), members who breach our Code of Conduct will be immediately asked by the organisers to leave the event and can be banned from three consecutive events based on the severity of their actions. 

Our members’ welfare is extremely important to us. To ensure this, we invite our members to uphold our Code of Conduct and help us create a community that is safe and welcoming for everyone. 

NB: In times of conflict of interest, the member should notify the steering committee so that they can act appropriately.