Bioinformatics Hub of Kenya (BHKi) is a Non-Profit Organisation registered in Kenya that develops and manages training in bioinformatics and computational biology and a space in which research in bioinformatics is practised.


Bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary field and requires expertise in computer technology, biology, statistics and mathematics. Training in bioinformatics does not simply require formal training in each of these disciplines, but also the integration of this knowledge and coherent application thereof to problems in biology.

To nurture and promote bioinformatics research will require an organisational entity that can facilitate the integration of these disciplines, promote the integration of skills and allow productive intellectual exchange and discussion in addressing bioinformatics questions.

BHKi Launch

Our Mission

To bridge the gap between well-established and aspiring bioinformaticians through peer training and mentorship so as to enhance collaborations to foster quality scientific research and innovations and promote the sharing of data, skills and codes.

Our Vision

To be a vivacious, well-coordinated and enthusiastic hub that will develop bioinformatics and skills set through creating awareness, collaborations and capacity development.


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